It’s a personal blog. I didn’t start this website for two years, just procrastinating.

So here it is.

This website is like a journal to me. I am a usual guy in his early twenties, quite passionate and quite energetic ( well most of the time lazy). But in pursuit of living this life fullest.

What should be on this blog?

There could be 74 things that I am interested to be writing as a blog on this website. But take it slow. I started with my best 5.

So these 5’s are:

  • WILFIE Series ( quite excited to present )
  • Book Reviews
  • Some random thoughts
  • Sharing some educational material
  • Writing my first book as a draft here.

What’s WILFIE Series?

It’s actually weekly or monthly series in which I am gonna learn and share. W.I.L.F.I.E stands for What I Learn From Internet & Ebooks/Books.

What would be my first book?

Its name is, I don’t know. I am gonna name it Kolkata Theatre but I might change it.