A post for my Nana.

Last Tuesday on June 1st, I lost my nanaji (maternal grandfather).

He was such an amazing being. Though he was over 70, but his heart was as young as a kid. For the past few days I was remembering him and still do. Through the memories he left, we can remember him. There are many. Everytime I think about that, the heart becomes heavier.

He always jokingly said that if he died, after few days shedding some tears everybody will forget him. I doubt it.

He is the one who taught me and make me an expert in the game of “Seep”. Quite hard to win against him in the game.

He cracked jokes, he laughs, every person in the neighborhood knew his carefree and comic attitude. He had many skills, and there was so much to learn from him.

But the important thing that I learned from him is, how to become light and young hearted?

I will going to keep learning from him and remembering him through his memories.

Thanks for everything nanaji.

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Dikshant Mehta

Hello, it's Dikshant Mehta (a.k.a DeeAm). Welcome to my personal blog. Writing is my passion, so is this website.
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