The Attention: Where is it all the time?

  • Post last modified:April 9, 2021

Hello everyone. There are times in my life and one of them is pretty recently, that makes me think about this word, and everything about, "attention". What is attention, by…

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Frisson? Yes, absolutely.

  • Post last modified:November 3, 2020

Whenever you listen to some music, that's get connected to inner you. And there is a sudden emotional reaction to this, and the most extreme and the absolute one is…

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Some Days are Special!!

  • Post last modified:October 29, 2020

In everyone's life, there are times, days, weeks, even hours that are special for them. At those times they remember and smile to feel the exact same state of mind.…

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Can’t we just live neutral?

  • Post last modified:August 25, 2020

What's wrong with living with neither happiness nor sadness, neither riches nor rags, neither anger nor excitement, neither anxiety nor joy. The zest of life is to live like any…

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