Life is emotions – Mostly Sad, mostly Happy

  • Post last modified:July 7, 2020

Hello there. Our family has lost our senior-most member, my grandmother has passed away last Friday. It's really sad when somebody leaves like this. It's almost a year when my…

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The success

  • Post last modified:June 9, 2020

Good morning everyone! This morning I have decided to change my "Daily Blog" to "5:55 Blog". Well it's sounds cool. I thought alot in the morning, as a way to…

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The All-in Project

  • Post last modified:June 2, 2020

Hello everyone. A lot of times, my brain thought an endless amount of possibilities that could be created with the actions that should have taken before. Right now, and right…

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Education, Learning and Knowledge.

  • Post last modified:February 6, 2021

Hello Everyone. Listening to "Fond Memories", I am grateful that such music is for free in YouTube Audio Library. The composer could earn more by uploading it on SoundCloud or…

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First a procrastinator, then human

  • Post last modified:July 11, 2020

Hello everyone. It's a big gap between this and my previous post on the "Daily Blog". Well whatever the reason. There will be a reason for not writing and breaking…

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Day 8

  • Post last modified:July 16, 2020

Hello everyone. This week is really tragic for Indian cinema. We lost two jewels of Bollywood. Rest in peace Rishi Kapoor Ji. I can't write more today. I am…

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A Legend leaves too soon

  • Post last modified:February 4, 2021

Hello! It's day 7. Today we lost a great actor Irrfan Khan. He was an exceptional talent. Initially, I didn't believe in the news of his sudden departure. And articles…

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Day-6: The purpose of Social Media Part-2

  • Post last modified:April 28, 2020

Hello there! I hope you all are doing well, even in this Lockdown period. But this all is for our own good. I respect the Corona warriors out there who…

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Day 5: The purpose of Social Media

  • Post last modified:May 20, 2020

Hello there, We all are using Social Media like crazy. Everybody has their favorite one. Some like tweeting on twitter, some like sharing stories on Instagram, some love Snapchat. But…

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