Day 4 – Temperature of “Feeling Nice”

Day 4 – Temperature of “Feeling Nice”

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Hello there!

Happiness is a hot drink on a cold day.


Today small spherical droplets descend from the sky….. Hahaha. Sorry, I don’t want to be poetic here. The thought just came into my mind and wrote it down.

Well, whatever I am writing now is basically the random instant thoughts. I promised myself to give some time to my blog daily. As you all know I am working on some kind of Social Media project. So I don’t usually have enough time to think and then write.

I love the sound of keyboard clicks, so I just “follow the flow”. More than that I love the sound of typewriter clicks.

You found it very interesting that Calmlywriter is a website that allows you to write with the sound of typewriter strokes.

When I get bored writing and want to just write something out from my head. I use that website. It’s amazing. There is some kind of similar projects found on GitHub repo. If you are a computer person and also enjoy the sound of the typewriter while writing you can use those.

So it was raining today. But now the weather is so much good. It’s 5:35 pm and it’s also raining but of photons.

The temperature is 26 degrees and I kinda like this temperature. I love winters more than any other season. But not too much winter. Around 15 to 20 degrees.

I hate summers because you need a cool place to feel comfortable. But in the winter you just have to cover your body with thicker clothes and that’s it. You can sit in this room or that room. A room without cooler or A.C. or fan. It doesn’t matter. Just cover yourself up.

But it summers you cannot do the opposite. And practically it doesn’t work in that way thermodynamically ( LOL ).

The temperature right now it really feels nice. So I think for me it’s the temperature of “Feeling Nice”.

What’s yours?

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Dikshant Mehta

Hello, it's Dikshant Mehta (a.k.a DeeAm). Welcome to my personal blog. Writing is my passion, so is this website.
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Your Follower
Your Follower
2 months ago

I love winters too. But my favorite one is Rainy season. Where I live, there is scarcity of those spherical droplets. But when it rains, I make sure to enjoy as such it would be the last one of the year.
So my temperature of feeling nice is randomly drop in the temperature with water from sky.
I love rain too.
Nice to read your blog.