Frisson? Yes, absolutely.

Frisson? Yes, absolutely.

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Whenever you listen to some music, that’s get connected to inner you. And there is a sudden emotional reaction to this, and the most extreme and the absolute one is known as “frisson“.

Almost everyone feels these “chills” while listening to something beautiful. But I don’t know whether I have to tell my playlist or not. Because, I believe ( and it’s fact too), that after knowing someone’s top playlist, you can reverse engineer a person’s inner emotions. I know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But actually, music connects to the “inner you”. So the current playlist can tell about the current emotional waves of a being.

As Steve Jobs said in the opening scene of the movie “Jobs”, “a tool for the heart”.

Why music important?

Because it has the power to really shift the emotional alignment within you. Suddenly a flood of emotions came in or sometimes you become too relaxed. Sometimes new ideas starts generating, and some othertimes something eternal.

Music is like medicine. Taking the wrong one makes you ill, making right one makes you relaxed. There is always some medicine for your emotional state.

But the Frisson, the goosebumps, chills, shivers, while listening to this awesome music. And one is happened today while I was scrolling my youtube.

Tell me yours “Frisson One”.

Good Night!

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