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I followed sadguru for a while now. I get the knowledge and build a new perspective to look at life that I have never experienced.

काफी समय हो गया मुझे सदगुरु से सीखते हुए। मुझे वो ज्ञान, और जीवन को लेकर ऐसा परिप्रेक्ष्य बना जो मैंने कभी ही अनुभव किया हो।

अकेले रहना सीखें  – Hindi Video

How to Deal with Loneliness – English Video

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Dikshant Mehta

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Priyanka Punjani
Priyanka Punjani
11 months ago

Yup.. I also follow Sadhguru…
the video which i liked the most is ‘Forgive (the person who does ill to you) but not Forget’

Kamini Bhasin
Kamini Bhasin
11 months ago

Each word is fantastic in its own way.