Introducing myself again as DeeAm.

Introducing myself again as DeeAm.

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Hey Everyone.

Dikshant Mehta ( nickname DeeAm). That’s the name I come up officially for business purposes. I found that most of the people having difficulty in remembering and pronouncing my name. Mostly with other accents.

What’s the story, Dikshant?

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the UK. Well, I am not boasting about getting a call from the UK. But this is my second or third time talking with the British, you know it feels like speaking in English with your English teacher.

And the first obvious thing, we exchange name. And I said my name “Hello, Dikshant Mehta this side.”. Like emphasizing on my name “… Deekshaaant Mehhtaa this side …. “because I know it might be hard for other accents to grasp and pronounce my name. But I tried that he should know me with my original name.

Before this, I talked with 5 more people Americans, they speak my name wrong but sounds close to my name. So I didn’t point out because my name is not the main point here.

But this call is different. This person decided to not proceed further until he pronounces my name properly. So he said, “Sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

I said again calmly and with a smile, “Dikshant Mehta it is”.

Then he replied like, “Disha Metta”.

Well guys this sounds close to my name. So I said, “Yes it sounds close, you can call me that. Let’s proceed further. I know my name is a little bit trickier to pronounce.” I smiled with a small laugh.

He said, “Yeah you are right. But do you have any short name or nickname?”

In my brain, “What a brilliant Idea? Why didn’t I make a formal short name or nickname? Like there are people out there who have a short name or virtual name. We know them with both names.”

I replied in a second, “You can call me DeeAm. Like DM for the direct message but with vowels.”

He replied, “That’s sounds great, DeeAm. Okay I want you to know ….”

Then he talks business. But this call gives me a nickname. I know only a British around 7500 km away knew me with this name.

But I searched the word DeeAm, it’s Latin. Woooo. And it’s meaning is “rare”. Woooooooooo.

Do you know what I think? The universe. The universe follows a certain pattern to bring me this nickname. And it’s rare. However, neither on social media usernames nor on domain names is rare. It is taken. It is already taken.

But from now on. I have a nickname “DeeAm”

That’s sounds interesting to me. What your nickname? Sometimes different people call you with different names. Tell me yours in the comment section below.


Good Night!

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Dikshant Mehta

Hello, it's Dikshant Mehta (a.k.a DeeAm). Welcome to my personal blog. Writing is my passion, so is this website.
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