Life is emotions – Mostly Sad, mostly Happy

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Hello there.

Our family has lost our senior-most member, my grandmother has passed away last Friday.

It’s really sad when somebody leaves like this. It’s almost a year when my grandfather left. Now there’s another loss to the family.

I am feeling sad right now, and yet it alarms my subconscious a lot intensely than ever before. I really like to understand life.

It’s really important. Because sadness, regrets, and anxiety remain there about the inability to understand it.

There are many definitions going on and off inside my mind. But what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s really hard to choose. And when such a dilemma exists, I always accept everything. Whether it’s wrong or right, productive, or hazardous, but will not take it as it is. I change it through the filter of my own intellect one by one.

There are many definitions of life, scientific, spiritual, inspirational, and emotional Yes, EMOTIONAL But less people talk about it, few are the ones who see life in an emotionally staggered way.

An emotional understanding of life according to me is ” the relation and involvement of two or more people’s emotions and actions”.

When one person takes action, there will be a reaction. But that reaction is all developed by the brain by perceiving it and filtering through an individual’s emotion at that state.

That’s why people will tell through actions how you are feeling. What we are thinking? what we are doing? all are emotions oriented.

If we are talking about life. Life starts with the first breathe and ends with the last. In between what happens is “life”, we all live it in parts, one breathe at a time, one incident at a time, one laugh at a time, one cry at a time. There’s no other way to live.

Through other aspects like spiritual, scientific, inspirational, or more. Every aspect has its own way to look before and the afterlife. Spiritual understanding based on souls, and its rebirth-and-death cycle. The scientific aspect tells about the first diastole to the last one. Inspirational aspects depict the purpose, dreams, achievements, and what you pass on to the next generation.

But, few are the one who looks before and the afterlife with emotions. There are emotions linked to life even before it actually exists. There will be emotions linked to life way after it ends.

Emotions are the one that drives and makes what life is. From happiness when someone takes birth to the sadness when died.

Empathy, Gratitude, and Selflessness are the three pillars that actually makes your life firm and stable. Living with these three defines life in the way it truly is.

I will always be going to remember EMPATHY, GRATITUDE, and SELFLESSNESS.

Thanks to my दादा-पापा (Grandpa) and दादी-मम्मी (Grandma) for teaching me this even after your departure.

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