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I remember when I was young maybe 5-6 years old once start persevering with my mother for a notebook that I liked in a Stationary store. She said to me, “What would you do with that fat big notebook that used to be for people who practice lots of mathematics?”

But insisted and told her that not going to move a bit until I didn’t get one.

My mother promised me that she would gift me that “fat notebook” probably a Classmate really big fat register on my birthday.

Maybe she thought that I would forget till my birthday.

But that didn’t happen. On a day before my birthday, I reminded my mother to gift me that notebook?

And the next day I got one. She again asked me, “What would you do with this big fat register?”

I replied, “Maths”.

And I sat down taking that big fat notebook, because my height, hands, fingers, at that time were so small, that’s why I remember this giant notebook. Maybe.

But, I got one pen too, however, I write with pencils at that time, I remember that very well. So, I sat down on my bed, and take the new pen out, left the first two pages for god (hahaha). And, starts writing counting from one, then two, three…

I was filling up the pages, I liked the smell of that new notebook, like the curve of numbers that I was making on that book with that beautiful pen. My mother said to me, “So you are practicing counting, doing maths?”

“Till how much would you write?”

I replied ( I still laugh at my reply), “Till I reach the last number of the counting.”

She starts laughing but hid it so that I can’t be bothered doing that stupidly innocent thing. I didn’t know what happens after but I surely know that I didn’t complete my counting task. Hahaha, till I reach the last number.

To whomever I tell this part of my life, they laugh, and I laugh with them too like this is a new discovery to me. But, it’s there with me. I laugh sometimes by remembering this again and again, like while I am taking bath or just waiting for my computer to just turn on.

But why I am sharing this? Because I want to track from where my love for numbers starts.

I think that’s the first time I came to know that these fat notebooks are for maths practitioners. That sounded so “cool”.

I like many things in this world, and the numbers are one of them. The equations, the trick, the charisma, and magic while understanding these beautiful pieces of Metaphor. Amazing. And, I don’t want to stop learning.

Maybe there is a job where you will get paid for learning new things, inventing, and discovering.

I want to invent that job.

Hahaha! Good Night Guys.

Here’s a video for maths nerds.

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