The All-in Project

The All-in Project

Hello everyone.

A lot of times, my brain thought an endless amount of possibilities that could be created with the actions that should have taken before. Right now, and right ahead.

Because decisions are between thoughts and actions. A thought will become a decision and your body start executing through the actions.

Well for me there are lots of cool and creative ideas that would be beneficial for lots of people. But here’s a speed breaker I think.

The thing is there are only 24 hours a day. And when you are feeding your brain about generating the possibilities a few minutes converted into an hour and no job is done, no actions have been taken.

Because the brain is doing different kinds of work. Its job is to be creative, unique thought creator, on the other should manage work and take decisions.

So well after taking the decision the only thing left is execution. And when the decision is taken its taken, now you don’t have to look back and want to change it in life. No matter how hard it is.

So the past state of my mind was binge-thinking. There is a term called “binge-watching” however binge is a word used that is an adjective. But it sticks with watching, so why not just stick with everything.

I have binge-watched many series. And was in binge-thinking mode. Now is the time of binge-action and binge-writing.

Poker is my favorite game. I usually play when I feel down, and bored. Because poker is all about psychology and decisions, rather than just a game of luck or algorithms.

And in poker, a decisive action “All-in” taken to declare that the player put all the chips on the cards they have. The reason is only one, he knows that he will be going to win. But, this is a decision, not a fact, not an intuition, not an algorithm, luck, or so-called “mind-game”. It is just a decision.

I really love this action in poker. Playing poker with a computer or virtual players is boring, play it on with real people “multiplayer”.

I am just saying, that it is my time to put out all the things in this world. And see what I thought would going to happen or not. It takes time, it will definitely take time.

But either it will happen as I thought or better than that.

My friend, sometimes putting All-in could be the rightest decision you could make because either it will fuel you to the next big play or ends the thing right away. But chances of the latter according to the player are quite low, and that’s the amazement of the game, is his/her decision is right?

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Dikshant Mehta

Hello, it's Dikshant Mehta (a.k.a DeeAm). Welcome to my personal blog. Writing is my passion, so is this website.
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