Weird reason to like something.
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Weird reason to like something.

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Guys I’ve to admit today that I am addicted to something. What!!!!

Yes I am addicted to something. And that is music, goood music, that connects with you. Right as I said before.

Who is not addicted to GOOD MUSIC.

But now the thing is, I’ve experienced the power of background music and a weird reason to like something.

So here’s the story.

A few days back as usual I got bored and decided to take some time off to bring more boredom. Just kidding. Now in that time, I wanted to try something new. Which means watching something new? I always was not been an extracurricular activity guy, some would say learn ukulele ( I tried but then have lost interest, will again give it a shot ).

P.S. Because of the ongoing situation, anybody can go into depression. The state of our country is getting worse. There are many angels who are fighting for the good cause, there are many people I know that are giving their best to provide resources to the family who is suffering. And there are still some people who are blaming these and those. So I want to take my mind off from ongoing news, status, and being selfish for some time (really).

And here I decided to watch something. First I tried an Anime but then I thought it was not the right time to watch one. And need something light. So somehow after researching I started watching a Japanese Drama name “From Five to Nine”.

The plot I read was unique. A monk at a temple was fall in love with a girl who dreamed of going to New York and works as a teacher at an English Learning Academy. Simple plot, Romance, and Comedy (Obviously, I am in). So decided to watch this. In the first episode in 10 minutes I get bored and then leave it. Took a boring sleep, woke up late in the evening. After dinner, couldn’t sleep because took that unnecessary sleep. So again decided to give it a shot, watching that JDrama. And decided to watch just one episode, if I liked it I will watch it otherwise get bored and go to sleep.

Due to the efforts of Mukesh Ambani Sir, I’ve now 3300 GB of data per month. So did download all the episodes in one go. And at night there was a blackout at my place and no internet.

Now there was thunder in the clouds and also blackout in the area. And I was watching the first episode. At the end of the first episode I started yawning, and happy to know that this series will take me to sleep. But then this “Frizzon Music” came and some chemistry in my body changed.

No I started liking the drama only for its music.

You can fall in love with anything if right music is playing.

I read it somewhere on any instagram quote page

Then in the second episode, now I like the plot more. On the third I like the characters, what’s happening?. And overall I like the background music which is created by a Japanese Rock Trio “Back Number”, song name “クリスマスソング (Christmas Song)”. If I look then the drama isn’t that bad, you know the culture of Japan, and the good thing it is quite a light drama as I like sometimes.

Here is the music video official of that band. Hope you liked it, it has an English subtitle make sure to enable that if you listen.

If found out boring, then listen at night if find hard to sleep.

Sayonara! ( Cause I recently came to Sayonara is not a commonly used word for Goodbye. Also, it shows “finality”. Sayonara if you might not meet the other person in the future. There are fewer chances to meet again. So we should instead say “Jaa Ne”.)

Jaa Ne 🙂

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