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It’s 10:03 pm and I want to talk about “fear”.

I’ve read somewhere that humans are born with only two fears; the fear of heights and the fear of loud noise. And any other fear is created by our own minds.

And the fear of heights and fear of loud voices, can also be conquer.

And a person with no fear is the one whom people are most afraid of, not in some shady manner. Afraid of truth and fearlessness.

Everyone is a little corrupt, we have to admit that. Because if we are not, then we are not humans. Then, we are some deity that is fallen from heaven which is somewhere in the 12.56 steradian of surroundings.

If we want to know how an “extremely least imperfect attitude” looks like, it is actually what a fearless person doing. What he/she is doing in a fearless manner, that’s the ideal attitude towards anything.

But as we are talking about fear, there is one thing that is clear as discussed, “fears are created by mind”.

Every fear is a psychological phenomenon, but emotional fears like fear of losing something or someone is the “top in the list” kinda fear.

You can’t conquer it. You can accept because ultimately in the course of living on this blue and green planet we will eventually lose everything.

When you gain something, ask for how much is it yours? Either it is yours then after it belongs to others, or it is yours then it belongs to no one.

And the most precious ones are the latter. Because only you have the privilege to enjoy something that you know eventually you will lose but still, you enjoyed.

If we conquer this fear of losing something or someone in a right way, then it is walking on the path of Buddha.

How we conquer our fears?

Don’t try to conquer every fear. We can’t, we love to be fearful for some fears. We can’t make the list of every fear but we all know.

But there are some fears that are baseless, like talking to a complete stranger, or interrupting a conversation because they are discussing something foul, and it is your duty to correct them.

I am not talking about taking responsibility over everything that happens around you.

But atleast try that we could.

Step-1: Grab the opportunity to amplify the fear in the safe environment.

Step-2: When the fear at its peak try to spend some time with it.

Step-3: When you starts understanding the fear, and what thing it is covering. Then it starts going on its own. I think.

I should test it, right? Well I did it with “Stage Fright”, and I am at a verge of conquering it. And I will going to conquer it, for sure.

That’s all for today, I am logging out.

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Your Follower
Your Follower
5 months ago

“Either it is yours then after it belongs to others, or it is yours then it belongs to no one….” This line hits differently. The effect of your writing is so immense, this one helps to understand my own fears. While I was reading, the all fears and scenarios that I have experienced came flash by flash in front of my eyes.

Keep it up. I have subscribed your newsletter. But you are not updating the content regularly. I hope I will be able to read more soon.

Your follower.