Can’t we just live neutral?

Can’t we just live neutral?

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What’s wrong with living with neither happiness nor sadness, neither riches nor rags, neither anger nor excitement, neither anxiety nor joy. The zest of life is to live like any other species on the planet. But humans involved some emotions or impulsive emotions that want to compel them to live life with something more and living like there is something missing.

What they are missing is actually themself. Waiting to be themselves when the time is right, waiting to live life in the way they truly want to. But when that time comes they just lived the life till that point after that they are seeking something that doesn’t even exist in their system. Nothing that’s present and still there’s a hole, a gap that must need to be filled, and to be filled right now.

Why do people want to tag some people with the way they are? “Oh! He is so strong. ” “She is too weak”. These things we hear a lot. I heard a lot that too.

Everybody is different. Why we just don’t love everybody yet don’t hate them either? Why we just don’t have compassion for everybody yet don’t want to curse them? Why we just don’t be happy yet not be sad?

Why we just live a life like one we want to yet live a life that happens every day around us?

There are stereotypes, judgements, misconception, misinformation, and a lot of hatred already going on in this world. Before doing some good deed next time first start putting these out from our system. And in this way, before you are going to do a good deed, YOU ARE NEUTRAL.

For me, the meaning for something “real good” is any action that could harm you or benefits you, but shouldn’t harm any other soul. That’s the practical definition of a good deed in the real world.

Well, next time you are going to do a good deed remember that, nothing that harms any other soul.

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