Day 2 – “Journey is more about path than the destination”

Day 2 – “Journey is more about path than the destination”

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Welcome to my daily blog. It’s the second day, and I feel great to get back here again.

We all are at home due to this COVID-19. The Corona warriors tackling against it. Huge respect and love for them.

While at home we all can do many things. On my lifestyle, this lockdown doesn’t play much affect. Because I was always working from the home guy, from tutoring to freelancing to startup ideation.

I remember a tv ad related to a laptop brand where the boy enters into a meeting room and the person asked him about his company. He showed him his laptop and said that the laptop is his company. Now I am really connecting to that advertisement.

These many years is like a journey. And the journey is all about mentality, well it may be hazy or crystal clear. But mentalities decide the path of the journey.

Every journey either with your agreement or not starts from the moment of impact with something unusual in your ordinary life.

The journey is not always a physical one it could be mentally or an emotional one. It could be something new, you start or do.

The moment of impact occurs as I said when something unusual occurred or happened. And you have to stuck with it for a long time.

The ultimate journey of life clutches other journeys. Sometimes we all are traveling various paths and sometimes none.

Life is actually “the existence of human beings (or anything living scientifically)” in this world. But mathematically it’s an event with odds in favor of trillions to one. We don’t know that again this stardust combine together in this very insane manner and built the same structure as a being.

That’s why life is a gift. And what happens when someone gives you a gift when you return home and see a wrapped box? That’s what we all should do with life by start treating it like a gift.

“ Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” — John Lennon.

Good Night!

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