First a procrastinator, then human

First a procrastinator, then human

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Hello everyone.

It’s a big gap between this and my previous post on the “Daily Blog”.

Well whatever the reason. There will be a reason for not writing and breaking my consistency here. So I am on fault not writing it consistently. So we aren’t going to discuss the reason here.

But, every morning is different. So I decided to invest some time to solve some of the problems faced by a normal person like me.

The first one, and the big one is “Procrastination”. A TedX Speaker Tim Urban once said that everyone is a master of procrastination. And his ted talk’s topic was titled “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator”.

I don’t know about you guys. But actually, I am facing this problem. And I am trying different things to solve this but it doesn’t work. But, but I’ve found a solution or better to say a way to solve this problem.

The solution which I was exploring is hidden at the end of this video. It’s the week calendar.

I can’t believe that simple math can make me motivated to do things. This solution says to me “Hurry up! you know what you have to lose.”

I can feel urgency and reason to put my head out and start working on the ideas that are coming out of it.

So the math says that there are 52 weeks in a year with the 1-day remainder or 2 days ( in a leap year).

I am 23 right now. So I have spend like 52×23 =1196 weeks till now.


Just 1196 weeks. If we see this number this it’s countable and it’s easily COUNTABLE.

Many people are living in days, some like me living in hours. Switching from doing many things and end up proceeding everything but less than a percent.

Do you know what happens to a “multi-tasker”? I am having a master’s in Multi-Tasking. Your tasks will be going to complete together and never.

And doing things one by one is quite good and sounds great. But it’s impractical. Yes doing things one by one is actually an ideal condition which the physicists assume quite often or always. The tasks drop down into your life like in bunches. In a day you have to do different things at the same time and this makes you bamboozled.

Why multi-tasking and prcrastination related?

As Tim Urban said that the “Instant Gratification Monkey” inside our head living in the present and want to enjoy it.

So if I wake up and don’t know today’s date. I can tell immediately that the monkey is steering my brain. So what I do. I schedule a text to myself at night.

The scheduled time of the text and my alarm is the same. What’s inside the text. My urgent to non-urgent work that I really care about and want to do the next day.

You don’t believe me that the message contains an average of 20+ things that could take more than an hour to do. And still, I am sleeping eight hours a day.

What a crook I am?

Back to the topic. Actually the feeling of guilt of not doing things is quite hard to bear.

And multitasking is a catalyst that actually increases the urge for procrastination. If you have many tasks to do (it’s a condition) and you are lazy (by default). Then. Then you will end up doing nothing.

Hence, multi-tasking increases the chances of you giving your steering to that “Instant Gratification Monkey”. You are puzzled to do different things and all of them seem important. All of them are important to do right now. And you are quite lazy in making a firm decision. The only decision you made in this situation is just to give up.

“Hey Monkey steer the brain for me.”

And guess what happens. You ended up binge-watching Money Heist.

This god-forsaking problem.

So this problem needs a solid solution. And the solution is the “Week Bubble Calendar” along with different things.

The solution for procrastination.

We have so far discussed that multi-tasking increases the chances of procrastination in homosapeins.

First of all, the most heard advice, but it really works. Break down the tasks you have to do and plan the future day.

But here is a little imporvisation.

The week bubble calendar is actually a bubble on a sheet. Each bubble depicts a week. You have to color in the past weeks.

The average human life span expectancy is 78.2 years. So let’s take it 80×52=4160 weeks.

Source: (Your life in weeks)

Only 4000 weeks. That’s too short.

So the ultimate monster that Tim Urban is talking about in the video, is turns out to be “death”. The ultimate villain in everybody’s life, but it’s true.

I think myself a scientist. I am a scientist. So we basically need maths to understand something. And here it is.

The math of life.

Now this calendar turns my chair into a hot-seat. ( Well it is also hot in Faridabad 43 degree Celcius. Who said lockdown decreases global warming? )

If someone gets motivation from this “Week bubble Calendar”. Go and download the Life Calendar – Your life in weeks. I am constantly using this to bubble the past calenders.

Now we get the “ultimate permanent solid non-impulsive” motivation. But just bubbling up the weeks in the calendar is not going to make your life easier. On the other hand, it makes it worse.

For the past like 12 weeks. I was just bubbling for the weeks. And no work is actually done. Then I came to know the problem of multi-tasking and non-committed work.

Many people separate work in different ways. Some say urgent or non-urgent. Important or least important. Profitable or non-profitable.

But according to me the most important ways to categorize work is committed or non-committed.

Committed work is actually “work with a deadline” and also you have something on stake. And non-committed is the opposite it’s neither have a deadline nor something on stake.

If you are walking an independent path in your career or side-hustling, then most of your works are without deadlines.

Here the question arises on how to convert your non-committed work to a committed one?

Easy, put something on stake at a particular time in your own way.

I actually announce something beforehand when it seems near. Like I am super excited and serious on a project then I tell my friends, family, and related people about the project and the date it will be completed. So I know that they are going to ask me about the project over and over again. And when you hear the thing after and after. You are going to complete it on time.

It could be hard for first time. But you will get used to.

The last is the phone message and alarm combination.

Due to today’s advanced technology. We have internet, free messaging, a smartphone, two 4G SIM. What else to we need? A supercomputer and a Jarvis. (Well no doubt)

I have two SIM. I scheduled a message written the ultimate goal, you know the long term goal on the heading. And then the list of the things, that I should have done on the next day.

When in the morning the alarm rings and the message came. The first questions before touching my phone that I ask to myself are “What is the date, and day today?”,”What’s the time to wake up?” & “What’s in the list?”.

All the answers came into my head one by one. All I do is to turn off the alarm get up immediately out of my bed. And starts my day.

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