Some Days are Special!!

Some Days are Special!!

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In everyone’s life, there are times, days, weeks, even hours that are special for them. At those times they remember and smile to feel the exact same state of mind. By thinking the same feeling, generating with the same intensity.

Let’s say your first day in a new town. You always gonna remember that. The first day of the college, always.

These first days when written down in a diary, or somehow you knew the time. Then on the repetitive cycle of the same days coming over and over as each year passes. You feel a different arc in your mind.

That’s why I said some days are special.

Some days are special to “Every day is special”

But we can convert this to “Every day is special”. When you just amend the repetitive cycle over years to days. Now repetition starts weekly. Oh just 289 weeks ago on Monday. I was born. “Happy Birthday”.

Oh! Monday is special for me.

That’s the way to convert “Monday sucks” to ” It’s Monday”.

I really love the power of keeping journals. That totally worth it. When you are dealing with things that block the creation of new happiness. These will help you to just fuel up the desire.

My advice to all of you, “Keep a Diary, keep a journal. It’s worth it.

Did you know that earth and mars were really close last night? I wish I had a telescope. Well one day, would be.

Have a good day!

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