We all know zero percent.

We all know zero percent.

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Knowledge, the word defines (according to google) as “facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.”

If this definition is right, and yes it is. Then, knowledge can be deceptive. In our whole life, we can think about what we know is right. But it’s not.

We can take a simple example, many hundred years ago almost everybody believes that the sun revolves around the earth. But that’s not true, so is it comes under knowledge. Maybe. Because this is not any fact (or maybe for them, the past guys), but still it’s information and not a skill. So it can be partially a fact for some of the past homosapeins or just a piece of information that spread from the mouth-to-ear chain.

So I think I establish that knowledge can be deceptive. But that’s just not the only ambiguity here.

I always say to everyone that “Good Will Hunting”, is my favorite movie, and then “Iron Man”. Because it has so much to know from this movie. I approximately watched this one like 30+ times, but who’s counting?

There is a scene in a pub.

Here Will emphasized on our own thoughts as the knowledge. Because knowledge is not about something you just crammed or know. It’s about your own opinion on the matter.

So our opinion on the matter is our knowledge. I don’t remember who said it, but we can tell anyone that we have a firm knowledge on this matter, if we can speak on that topic at least an hour.

We so far came across that “Knowledge can be deceptive.”. & “Your opinion on the matter is your knowledge”.

But still, there is a thing, how much you know that you know?

There is four dangerous, mind-boggling kind of “knowing”, I came across right now.

The four “how’s”.

  1. How much do you know that you know?
  2. How much do you know that you don’t know?
  3. How much do you not know that you know?
  4. How much do you not know that you don’t know?

It’s gonna blast my head. If we do a simple proportion I think the fourth one is 100%. And rest of the above three are solid zero.

The first two come under knowledge. Because these two are you sure about and you have an opinion on your “knowing”.

But I am still confused about the third case.

But fourth one is 100% sure that it will not come under knowledge.

And hence we know 0%

Hence proved.

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Kamini Bhasin
Kamini Bhasin
1 year ago

These how’s are amazing if we got to know…but the question still remains how much of that we got to know is known by us????. But concept of knowing even a little every day is as amazing and thoughtfull as these blogs!! Good work!!!Keep going????