Education, Learning and Knowledge.

Education, Learning and Knowledge.

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Hello Everyone.

Listening to “Fond Memories“, I am grateful that such music is for free in YouTube Audio Library. The composer could earn more by uploading it on SoundCloud or similar websites.

It is 7:39 right now.

Today, I want to write about “Education”.

The word is quite important because the more I look into it, the more it feels so much similar to word knowledge. But believe me its not.

There are three important words that actually need a quite in-depth insight to look into. These three are; Education, Knowledge, and learning.

These three words sounds different but depicts something similar. Or depicts a kind of process. These three words together is a “process”.

I have talked about knowledge before. So we just skip it here. For keeping it short knowledge is some facts, information, or our own opinion on a subject or matter.

The word “Education”, according to google defined as, “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”.

So it’s all about getting instructions or giving some. But it is not about telling facts, information, learning, truth, building opinions, and acquiring knowledge.

The only way to acquire knowledge is not through Education, its through learning.

Here is the jam, we all go to universities, schools, and colleges, for acquiring knowledge through learning there. But what we get is “Education”. Just some set of instructions coming out of the respected teacher’s mouth. Mostly it is right and it has to be.

But acquiring knowledge is not related to getting some instructions whether its true or not.

So its where the link breaks from acquiring it in education if your process of LEARNING is not right.

Without education, knowledge can be ACQUIRED through learning. But without learning you CAN’T acquire it through EDUCATION.

by me (Dikshant Mehta)

I want to share a story with you, so that what I am going to share could be rightly understood. When I was in 10th standard the obvious decision we all have to take is choosing our streams, either we go to science, commerce, or humanities.

Well, my Mummy’s opinion was to take Commerce and become CA. phewww. Well, I told her that I love science. And my papa was like “Take science, you can become a teacher or lecturer”. I really like that Idea.

But then while walking towards the school, there was a huge battle going on in my mind. What to take? Which field has more chances of success in life? Obvious questions.

But this thought vanishes in no time. When I thought about my future and my dreams. Well, I was just 14 years old and we all know our dreams change from time to time. But at that time I wanted to create my own “Animation Series”, wanted to build a game, and write a book.

So these were my possible goals or dreams at that time. And then I thought what would be the theme of the story of these three. And a single thing came into my mind, a Sci-Fi and also you need to know the computer for building games, and I haven’t one at that time. Because I was a huge video game lover, so I had a PS but no PC.

Then I fixed my mind and decided to choose “Science” with maths. Because I love maths. I hated textbook science at that time, I love black holes, string theories, the universe, supernova kind of stuff but not that boring textbook stuff.

The thing is, my core purpose for choosing that field is by confirming the future through the present decision.

But over the year of time, I have noticed that the knowledge I have acquired so far is by only two means. And education plays no role other than just guiding and giving instructions ( sometimes ), and help me in scoring good marks.

These two methods of acquiring knowledge, I named those methods as;

  1. Learning by Exploration
  2. Learning by Direction

Learning is the process of accumulating knowledge.

Learning is the only way for acquiring knowledge. But there are reasons why you are learning English not Spanish, Thermodynamics, not Quantum Mechanics, or one thing not another.

There are many things to learn but we are not a fool to just start learning everything.

These different reasons, categorises learning.

Learning by Exploration

Well, it’s very much related to long term goals, dreams, the things that make you excited or curious. So you start learning about those stuff on your own, or with the help of others (through Education, like by enrolling in some special Guitar classes lets say).

But the sole purpose is to know what’s out there, and what you love to acquire in the process of learning as a knowledge. There are no time limits, no deadlines, just simple curiosity or exploration that fuels your process of learning.

It’s like moving in a sea or space, with controls of an indestructible ship in your hands. And you can take whatever turn you want or wherever you want to go. You just take a turn.

That’s why on the one hand you are curious about “Earth’s Magnetism” and also want to know about Evolution and what are the 7 Millenial equations.

Learning by Direction

Learning by Direction is like exploring but with some kind of constraints. So these constraints help the process of learning for acquiring certain knowledge.

A common example is learning by taking a project. Like you want to make a car that can fly. Now you are learning for that project, so you are going to learn for the things that important for this project, and zoning out from other information. You are going to learn related Aerodynamics, Automobile Engineering, and other related stuff. You are not going to learn about DNA and RNA, no matter how curious you are.

And if these projects have some deadlines then things get speeded up and you have to be certain in deciding the learning sources. Whether its the book or class or a friend. You know what I am talking about.

We all do either “Learning by Exploration” or “Learning by Direction” or both.


Please leave comment, like if there is another method of learning. What you like or dislike in this post. How you learn to acquire knowledge?

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1 year ago

Wow! Just wow. I didn’t knew that you explain the facts like this. Making it really amazing to read. We should’ve talk, I have some similar project to work on. Tell me if you are interested.